Scientific Illustration Short Course – 16 hours

It is aimed to illustrators, biologists, medics and people interested in understanding the scientific illustration methods. We will enphasize the zoological illustration, using disposable black ink pen. After a theorical introduction, the participants will experience de Observation Draw of a Biological Model , from the graphite sketch to the rendering, using the stippling technique.

Tutor information
Leandro Lopes de Souza is a biologist and freelance illustrator who has won Scientific Illustration awards in Brazil. Several of his works have been published in scientific journals and theses. Currently serves as a teacher and manages an art coworking in Florianópolis, an island in southern of Brazil.


in negociation

in negociation

November 2015 (in negociation)

[1st part]Graphic representation using graphite pencils. Emphasize in zoological illustration – 6 hours

Theorical introduction
*What is scientific Illustration (SI)*Uses of SI
*Diferences between Photography and illustration
*Phisiology of the Human Eye, the brain and the perception of image
*Practices in SI
*Study of cases

Practic introdution:
*Materials used and their handling,
*Observational Drawing
*Light and form in SI;
*Sketching a model

[2nd part] Stippling using black ink pen – 10 hours
* Materials used and their handling,
*Line and dots
*Light and form with stippling;
*Draw transfers tecniques;
*Rendering the model using stippling tecnique.

*Graphite pencils: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B.
*Pencil sharpner
*Bond paper – 30 sheets
*Bristol paper 180g/m² (or more) A4
*Plastic eraser
*Disposable black ink pen Unipin or Micron – 0,05; 0,1 and 0,3.
*Ruler 20cm


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